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The Book Wall

Posted by on Sep 25, 2013 in Community |

  The Wild Goose won’t sell books. But, we will have our largest wall devoted to a wide selection of interesting books from poetry and graphic novels to books on food, philosophy, spirituality, and social and community issues. We’ll also have some novels, games, and children’s books. Come and explore and read. If you find something you really like, go see our friends and neighbors at Poor Richard’s Book Store. They can hook you up.  ...

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Modbar Espresso Module Video

Posted by on Sep 13, 2013 in Coffee |

Here’s some raw video of a modbar group head in action. This might even be a prototype of sorts, not sure. You can see it’s on automatic mode with the “shot clock” counting down from 45. The “naked” portafilter is a La Marzocco. Notice also the modbar sticker lightly pressed over the La Marzocco imprint on the cup. This in not intended as a slight, but a hat tip, I’m sure – as La Marzocco is involved in the development of modbar. You’ll be able to come and see this beautiful machine in action, and taste the great espresso shots it produces at The Wild Goose in not too long!...

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3rd Wave Coffee

Posted by on Sep 11, 2013 in Coffee |

The Wild Goose will offer a 3rd Wave Coffee experience centering around single origin, manually brewed coffees and authentic espresso. Our baristas will be capable of consistently pulling proper espresso shots that will place us among the elite coffee houses in town. The close relationship we have with Switchback Coffee Roasters means not only the right coffees and roasts for our machines, but also the precision tuning and maintenance of our equipment to ensure the best possible coffee and espresso experience. We are pleased to join the wonderful community of coffee ships in Colorado Springs. We hope our city can continue to evolve into a great place for coffee, whatever approach you prefer. Here’s a video that describes a bit of what’s going on with 3rd Wave...

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The Chemex

Posted by on Sep 10, 2013 in Coffee |

There’s a lot to love about single origin coffee and single cup, manual brewing. If you’ve never experienced the remarkable differences in tasting notes that can come from the very same bean/roast brewed in a different way, you are in for a treat at The Wild Goose. At my house we have several manual brewing methods on hand (no pun), but lately I’ve been stuck on the Chemex. Even with a single brew method, there are variables that can tweak or “dial in” the flavor of a particular coffee. What if I grind this bean a little more course? What if I lower the water temp just a bit? I find my preferred ratio of coffee to water changes with every roast I try, even when using the same brew method. Here’s a fun video from the good folks at Intelligentsia, explaining the basics of Chemex brewing…  ...

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Posted by on Sep 6, 2013 in Coffee, Community |

  At the Goose, we are passionate about taste, form and function at every level. That’s why we are so pleased to be partnering with Modbar for our espresso system. The uniqueness of the Modbar system offers us the ability to create an exquisite espresso experience, along with an absolutely gorgeous form factor that is truly a work of art. It is the the essence of clean and simple beauty. Since the boilers are housed underneath the bar, customers and baristas will enjoy a new level of connection. We still love beautiful, well crafted bar-top espresso machines! But, the downside is that if the machine is on the back bar, the barista has to turn his or her back to the customer. If the machine is at the front, it creates an obstruction, and somewhat of a “mystery factor” in terms of what the barista is doing behind that big, beautiful machine. Again, we are still fans of these big, beautiful machines. We might even get one someday. But, we are intrigued with the opportunity to do something different that is right in line with our values. And in doing so – we bring a whole new experience to Colorado Springs....

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