We are pleased to have a close relationship with Switchback Coffee, here in the Springs. Switchback is a fine, local craft coffee roaster specializing in high quality, single origin beans. Switchback also represents deep 3rd wave coffee and espresso knowledge. Our partnership with Switchback means single origin coffees, ultra fresh roasts, finely tuned roasts and machines, and properly trained baristas.

Switchback founder and roastmaster Kyle Collins, along with the rest of the Switchback team, are excited to partner with us in creating a truly great artisan coffee experience in Colorado Springs.

We realize that the 3rd wave coffee approach will be new to many of our potential customers. It will be our committed passion to educate and help our community know what to try, and we believe that many will come to appreciate coffee at a whole new level. Of course, we also expect to gain immediate recognition and appreciation from local coffee drinkers who are already looking for another place to enjoy a truly great coffee experience.