As we prepare for The Wild Goose to take flight, we are working on an initial wine list that will celebrate local, Colorado wines. We recognize that many of the superb wines of the world come from places far from our state – and yet, we are encouraged by the fine wines being produced right here.

We also have a family connection with Enso Winery in Portland, Oregon. Enso is a critically acclaimed leader in the burgeoning urban winery community in Portland. For The Goose, they represent a key connection to what is going on in the wine world in the States and abroad.

Enso is a great inspiration to us in a number of ways. They are successfully turning their dream into a reality and producing great wine. But not only that, they are building great community. They are a small-batch artisan wine producer, located in the heart of Portland’s Eastside, and in addition to great wine, they have created a great space that draws people into the experience.

Their passion is to make wines that speak of the place where they were grown, the climate they were grown in, and their true varietal character.


Furthermore, we believe there is a market for an “un-wine bar, wine bar.” We think that classic wine bars can tend to be somewhat uppity and pretentious. We think this article says it well.

We think we can do better.

If you are a wine lover, we think you can become a wine expert –  without becoming a wine snob. The Wild Goose will be a place where people want to come to learn, ask questions, and join us on a journey of discovery. If you want to come to the Goose and be a wine snob, that’s fine (we’ll take your money) – we’ll just ask you to please try to keep it down.